webinar V10

Webinar Replay – Discover SYSTRAN Translate Suite Generation 10! New Design, Advanced Customization & Adaptation features, Higher Performance

In this webinar Elise Bertin-Lemée, AI & Machine Learning Product Manager and Guillaume Bretin, Group Product Manager at SYSTRAN give you a preview of the new generation of SYSTRAN Translate product line. Our comprehensive software…
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The ROI of Machine Translation

Let’s decrypt the ROI of machine translation in a dedicated study. Optimizing management, increasing production, reducing associated costs…Translation is indeed a major challenge for multinational companies : the average budget allocated to it represents between…

Case studies

The impact of the NMT on FARFETCH

The impact of the NMT on FARFETCH’s business and how it optimizes the content localization Alex Katsambas, Head of Localization Services at Farfetch interviewed by Gaëlle Bou, Chief Revenue Officer at SYSTRAN, will explain how…


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