5 Big Benefits of Secure Translation Software

Secure translation software is necessary for any company or organization that requires accurate professional translations at a reasonable cost. Here are five of the biggest benefits of on-site translation software provides:  

1. Meets Data Compliance Laws 

Sensitive and private information should always be protected, and for many industries, regulatory laws outline how that information should be protected. While free online translators are easily accessible and simple to use, they also have very little security and don’t adhere to basic regulatory requirements.  


In 2017, there was a large data breach of the site translate.com. The Norwegian state-run oil giant, Statoil, was using the website to translate information. Due to the lack of security on the website, sensitive corporate information became public knowledge. This included personal information such as employees’ full names, emails, and phone numbers, as well as precise details about the corporation’s investments and taxes.  


Statoil could do little to address the data breach, as Translate.com’s fine print states they provide no guarantee that information submitted on the website might not potentially be publicly accessible. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Secure, on-site translation software guarantees all information is protected under the same security measures that ensure your team maintains translation compliance and does not violate data compliance laws. 

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2. Improved Translation Accuracy 


When you use free online translation services, you get what you pay for. They work great for translating a single word or a small sentence, but accuracy diminishes as you introduce more complex thoughts or ideas. Online translators particularly struggle with standard legal or corporate jargon and aren’t guaranteed to be accurate.  


When using secure translation software, you have complete control over the translation database, which gives you the power to create custom translation solutions. That means you can teach the software how to accurately translate technical terms in your industry. This drastically improves the accuracy of the translations and reduces the amount of confusion around simple translation mistakes.  

3. Translate as Much as You Need 


Many free online translators limit how many sentences or words they’re willing to translate a day. When you choose to use secure translation software, anyone in your audience can translate whatever they want whenever they want. There is no limit to how much—or how often—you can translate, and you get the same quality of translation from the first page to the last.  

4. Get Accurate Professional Translations Immediately 


Even with large, multi-document translation tasks, SYSTRAN’s on-site translation solution provides fast, accurate translations, giving you complete, secure, and professional translations within a few seconds. 


When integrated correctly, secure translation software provides rapid translation that can translate real-time communication. This makes it possible to provide multi-lingual customer support for customers around the world in real-time without having to hire a team of translators and native speakers.  



 5. Ensure Consistency in Brand Voice and Style 


Translation is complicated because languages change the way you communicate and think. Translation isn’t just about replacing a word in English with the equivalent word in another language—it’s about making sure the style and feel of the translation match the original intent.  


Because of how complex language and ideas are, it’s not uncommon for translators to provide slightly different translations for the same content. Both translations are correct, and both try to achieve the same goal, but they may be very different in their grammatical structure and/or vocabulary.  


This simple—and expected—difference between translators can be dangerous when trying to establish a brand voice or persona. Because each translator often provides slightly different translations instead of one unified voice and style, this result is a handful of similar voices that may be closely related to each other but aren’t actually the same.  


Secure translation software provides consistent results. That makes it easy for your brand to broadcast a consistent persona and a cohesive style in every language. 

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