The market leader in language-translation products and solutions

For more than four decades, SYSTRAN has been the market leader in language-translation products and solutions, and covers all types of platforms, from desktop to Internet to enterprise servers.

To help organizations enhance multilingual communication and increase productivity, SYSTRAN delivers real-time language solutions for internal collaboration, search, eDiscovery, content management, online customer support and e-Commerce.

With the ability to facilitate communication in 130+ language combinations, SYSTRAN is the leading choice of global companies (Symantec, Cisco, Airbus, Barclays), Defense and Security organizations like the US Intelligence Community, and Language Service Providers. SYSTRAN is also the official translation solutions provider for the S-Translator, a default-embedded app on the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series

SYSTRAN introduced the very first hybrid machine translation engine on the market. This breakthrough combines the advantages of linguistic technology with statistical techniques so the software automatically learns from existing and validated translations. SYSTRAN’s hybrid machine translation solution is easy and quick to customize. The self-learning techniques allow users to train the software to any specific domain or business objective to achieve cost-effective publishable quality translations.

In 2014, SYSTRAN is acquired by CSLi, a Korean company whose name changed to SYSTRAN International. Benefitting from CSLi’s Asian language technology, SYSTRAN continues to develop new language pairs and to achieve technological breakthroughs in the field of Natural Language Processing to provide translation solutions meeting the needs of business, Mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) markets.

SYSTRAN’s main headquarters is based in Seoul with offices in Daejeon, South Korea; Paris, France; and San Diego, California in North America.