Beyond the AI Hype – Neural Machine Translation Is Production Ready

For any agency that deals with foreign languages, using Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is an easy quick win.  NMT was an early success story of AI technology. Evolving from statistical technologies, the use of quality data and advanced algorithms within a neural network was a natural transition for machine translation practitioners.  The result is a significant jump in translation quality in less processing time.

SYSTRAN had the foresight to anticipate the evolution of NMT, and was the first software company to productize this technology.  Our niche area of expertise is developing custom-built language engines tailored to government missions in closed environments. We’re been in this niche area for 50 years, starting back with our first Air Force contract in 1968.  With our NMT offerings, our government clients see first-hand how just one application of AI makes a noticeable difference.

Government agencies should seriously take note of NMT for these reasons:

  • The need to translate languages will never go away.
  • Technology will be used more and more to supplement and augment the work of professional language professionals.
  • Neural Machine Translation is used in production now.


Alexandre Translation Technology Specialist
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