The Benefits of Multilingual Customer Support Chat

Not all of your customers are native English speakers, so why is your customer support only in English? multilingual Customer Support Chat provides the benefits of a quality customer support team to all of your customers, no matter which language they may speak.

Find out more about multilingual customer support and how SYSTRAN makes it possible for even small startups to speak to all of their customers regardless of their native language—and all without having to invest in a large team of translators.

What Is Multilingual Customer Support?

Multilingual customer support services extend your customer support experience to all your customers, regardless of their primary language. The most common way this is done is with phone support where customers press a number to receive help in their language.

What Are the Benefits of Multilingual Customer Care?

Multilingual customer care brings a wide range of benefits to a business. Here are five of the main benefits of having multilingual customer care for any sized business.

1) Facilitates More Customer Communication

Imagine buying an item made in Japan by a Japanese company that only had customer support in Japanese. But what if a piece was missing or the product was defective? Rather than quickly getting a replacement piece to resolve the issue, you would be stuck with a defective product and out the money you spent.

Multilingual customer care solves that problem and gives space for customers to be heard. With that space available, customers are finally able to communicate their needs and concerns. While it can feel like there is an influx of concerned customers once the company provides multilingual support, the reality is that those concerns always existed, but now they have a place to be addressed and resolved.

2) Expand Your Customer Base

By limiting your customer service, you also limit your customer base to mainly one language. Implementing things like multilingual customer support chat options can help you open the door to a broader customer base and more potential customers.

3) Creates a Competitive Edge

Quality customer service is worth its weight in gold and can be one of the main reasons customers choose to stay with one brand over its competitors. Providing quality multilingual support sets your business apart from your competitors and positions you to better attract specific market segments.

4) Improves Brand Loyalty and Retention

Customers who don’t receive customer support in their native language are likely to leave. Twenty-nine percent of businesses have lost customers because of that reason. But, customers who receive customer care in their native language will gravitate towards that brand and quickly show fierce brand loyalty.

5) Strengthen Your Position in the Global Market

While many people in international business understand and speak English, it isn’t everyone’s native language. By utilizing multilingual customer support, you shift the narrative of your brand on an international scale. Rather than customers moving to meet you where you are, your brand changes to meet them where they are. This helps them feel prioritized and makes it easier for them to do business with you.

SYSTRAN Can Help Automate Translation

Hiring a team of native speakers for customer support takes time and can be costly, which makes it impossible for some businesses to make it a reality. SYSTRAN’s AI-powered neural machine translation services make it easy to communicate with any customer, no matter which language they prefer.

SYSTRAN makes it easy for any business to break down the language barrier and chat with their customers. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of integrating SYSTRAN as part of your multilingual customer care solution.

Julie - Business Solution Specialist
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