Changes in International Litigation Covered at Relativity Fest 2015

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SYSTRAN will be returning to Relativity Fest this year, and we are excited to learn from the following sessions covering international litigation:

1. International e-Discovery: Cross-Border Challenges in a Changing World:

Differences between U.S. e-discovery requirements and more stringent international data privacy restrictions, to the global impact of Microsoft v. United States and the NSA-Snowden controversy.

2. **Using Analytics in Multi-Language Litigation:

Plan better for a review with multiple languages, and understand how CJK characters and Analytics work! kCura will show the best ways to set up Analytics in cases that involve multiple languages, including CJK.

3. EU Data Protection Changes: Upcoming Amendments Might Impact eDiscovery:

The current draft of the EU Data Protection Regulation, would increase penalties for data protection violations, and create new requirements, such as ensuring that information systems handling personal data provide privacy protection by default.

**This is expected to be “standing room only” and ‘SYSTRAN Relativity Connector 2.0’ will be shown auto-detecting and translating languages from inside Relativity.

For a broader glimpse into the sessions; Geoffrey Vance, a partner at Perkins Cole – who will be returning to Relativity Fest this year – is excited to attend:

1. Cybersecurity and e-Discovery: The Downstream Effects of Upstream Security Decisions with Edward McAndrew from the U.S. Department of Justice.

2. How to Get Your Law Firm or Business Noticed by the Legal Media and Industry Analysts with Erin Harrison, the new and impressive editor-in-chief of Legaltech News.

3. How to Sell Analytics to Your Internal Case Team with Angela Green, deputy director of Lockheed Martin’s Mega Program.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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