The impact of the NMT on FARFETCH

The impact of the NMT on FARFETCH’s business and how it optimizes the content localization

Alex Katsambas, Head of Localization Services at Farfetch interviewed by Gaëlle Bou, Chief Revenue Officer at SYSTRAN, will explain how they built a highly efficient internal localization model to meet a fast time to market with high expectations for personalized content.


The online marketplace is localized in 16 languages. It covers about 50 markets with localized contents such as product catalogs (3 000 products localized every day) marketing and brand content, tailored user experience and knowledge libraries for their customer service team.
They also offer localization services for partners who are using their platform and need support to localize their assets. FARFETCH’s teams currently localize content for 38 partner websites.
With large volumes and a large localization team, efficient translation is central in ensuring the success of FARFETCH’s ecosystem.


  • SYSTRAN offers a user-friendly solution that is interconnected to FARFETCH’s workflow without disrupting the localization team’s operations
  • The flexibility and adaptability of SYSTRAN’s team was crucial to understand and address FARFETCH’s needs adequately
  • SYSTRAN has a great service mindset with transparent communications with clients
  • Building customized NMT engines for specific types of content resulted in a very good quality output

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