[En anglais] Webinar | Transformer son équipe Service Clients en "ninjas" des langues

traduction automatique et support client

As part of our webinar series, one of our latest broadcast discussed and demonstrated the unique and innovative Language I/O + SYSTRAN solution, created in collaboration with our partner company Language I/O.

Hosted by J. Obakhan from SYSTRAN and Heather Shoemaker, CEO of Language I/O, the webinar discussed the power of integrating machine language translation technology into the customer care workflow.

Transformez Votre Équipe D'Assistance À La Clientèle En Ninjas

Why Does the World Need Language I/O + SYSTRAN Solution?

Seventy-four percent of customers are more likely to buy a product or service if the company provides customer support in their native language.

While this statistic highlights the importance of offering multilingual customer support,  building the staffing infrastructure to offer it comes with a slew of challenges ? the greatest being the cost.

Without Language I/O + SYSTRAN solution, the global average annual salary for a fully-loaded support position is USD 45,000. This often results in an inefficient output when compared to a Neural Machine Translation (NMT) solution. An average support agent can only attend between 50 to 100 support requests a day.

The high cost and inefficiencies of investing in additional human language support, coupled with the low volume of support tickets/chats for a new language not warranting a full-time agent, highlights a scenario where an NMT solution would shine. For much less than the price of one language-specific CSR, NMT offers instantaneous support in 55+ languages all at once.

The Benefits of Using Language I/O + SYSTRAN Solution

Language I/O’s partnership with SYSTRAN makes it possible for a customer support agent to chat in real-time with their customer in many of the world?s widely-adopted languages. In case of support tickets rather than live chats, a hybrid of both human and machine support is available.

In addition, not having to hire native-speaking customer support agents saves companies a great deal, including many of Language I/O’s current customers ? Wizards, Expedia, Shutterstock, LinkedIn, iRobot, and Betsson.

Other Benefits of the Language I/O + SYSTRAN Solution:

  • It supports all e-support channels ranging from tickets to chats, and articles in the CRM.
  • 72 percent of all current Language I/O + SYSTRAN customers have not had to hire additional support agents. Instead, the solution allowed their existing customer support agents to handle the volume of requests coming from all over the world without hiring additional staff
  • It supports over 150 languages.
  • The direct SYSTRAN integration allows all MT content to pass through the SYSTRAN API without having to cut or paste.
  • Professional human translation services are available for machine translation post-editing (MTPE) and human translation (HT) in which professional linguists act as customer support agents.
  • It is GDPR compliant and encrypts personal data shared in ticket and chat content.

The ROI Calculator

Language I/O has also created an ROI Calculator that calculates the cost difference between hiring a staff of native-speaking customer support agents vs. your existing monolingual support agents coupled with SYSTRAN + Language I/O solution.

The calculator considers variables like the number of languages you wish to support, the number of days a week support is offered, cost per support agent, the location of your monolingual support team, number of chats/cases per year, average word per chat and case, etc. to estimate the amount you can save per year.


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Alan, expert en technologies de traduction
Lecture : 2 min.
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