4 Ways SYSTRAN Provides Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

systran industries-leading turnaround time

For many businesses, translation is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. Human translators can take days to fully process, translate, and proof a few thousand words. Between sending jobs, communicating time frames and service prices, and receiving the actual translated document, businesses can spend several days waiting for a complete translation. 

SYSTRAN’s Neural Machine Translation (NMT) solution cuts that process down to seconds. Our OpenNMT-powered neural engine and hyper-scalable architecture can almost instantly process translation requests. For example, it can translate a double-spaced, one-page Word document in around one second. NMT frees up human translators from grunt work and allows them to tackle more impactful, growth-oriented business problems. 

Today, let’s discuss some of the features that allow us to provide those one-second, industry-leading turnaround times that facilitate nearly instant translations. 

1. Hyper-Scalability 

SYSTRAN can be scaled to support unlimited users. On the backend, this involves firing up more nodes in AWS and scaling out the engine. But, on the surface, this means you can translate billions of words each day without sacrificing speed. So, let’s say that your enterprise operates a remote work environment (89 percent of enterprises currently are), and you need to facilitate communication between offshore gig workers, on-demand talent, and internal teams spread out across the globe. That’s a challenge, right? 

With traditional translation, you would have to wait days to translate simple messages. Alternatively, some businesses attempt to leverage public web-translation services, creating nightmares for data security and data privacy compliance. With SYSTRAN, you can immediately translate messages between workers without any interruptions in a secure environment. It’s seamless. Want to add more users? No problem! The scalability of our solution helps make SYSTRAN an industry-leading enterprise translation engine. We’re insanely fast — regardless of scale. 

2. Affordability 

In addition to SYSTRAN’s scalability, we provide affordability at scale. Our pricing model doesn’t restrict data aggregators, and we allow for unlimited data flow and utilization. Obviously, this means more direct, transparent, and fixed pricing, but it also provides headache-free ramping — since you can instantly and elastically scale up your translation services. 

3. Integration 

SYSTRAN was built to drive critical business outcomes and facilitate meaningful collaboration between team members. That process starts with our integration-forward design and ease-of-use engineering. Not only is the SYSTRAN web interface intuitive, robust, and customizable, but we offer a variety of ways to integrate SYSTRAN into your daily workflows. This includes: 

  • Toolbar integration 
  • Plugin support
  • Windows context menu support 
  • OmniTranslator, which allows you to right-click a folder to translate its entire contents 
  • Keyboard shortcuts 
  • and more! 

4. File Format Support & Domain-Specific Engineering 

SYSTRAN solutions are domain-specific. They can quickly adapt to your industry jargon, terminology, and brand — helping you create a seamless translation and communication ecosystem. We can’t take all the credit. We built our solution on the backs of giants, and combine technology and human expertise to create value-driven solutions from best-in-class OpenNMT architecture and industry-leading technology partners to talented human translators. 

But we don’t only offer a variety of domain-specific solutions — we let you use those solutions across virtually any file type. That means less re-conversion and more time spent on what matters most — crystal-clear communication. From custom dictionaries to data-driven neural learning, SYSTRAN gives you the deep learning intelligence and neural capacity you need to translate with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. 

Alan, Machine Translation Expert (US Market)
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