The role of Machine Translation for National Security & Intelligence

Machine Translation and Global Policy Challenges

In the realm of globalization, Machine Translation plays a pivotal role in facilitating international exchanges. Behind Machine Translation lies national security and intelligence challenges that extends far beyond corporate profits.

Machine Translation and AI

Machine translation, based on artificial intelligence, follows a two-phase process.

Firstly, bilingual models are trained by aggregating vast volumes of data in two different languages.

Subsequently, the actual translation phase unfolds. When a sentence is submitted to the model, it calculates the most likely word following the previous one, requiring considerable computational power.

This technology finds myriad everyday applications, ranging from conversations between individuals speaking different languages to data analysis in foreign languages. It’s also used in technical services, allowing service centers to operate in various languages while ensuring responses in the user’s native language.

Machine Translation for National Intelligence

One important aspect of Machine Translation is its pivotal role in national security and intelligence. Systran for example sells integrated translation capabilities to intelligence platforms. These tools are utilized for various missions, spanning from national security to combating terrorism financing, military and financial intelligence, customs, and penitentiary applications.

The ability to comprehend intelligence collected in over 55 languages is crucial for ensuring national security. Analyzing data in foreign languages opens crucial perspectives for preventing and responding to threats.

Systran’s Expertise and Differentiation for National Security & Intelligence

As a leading French player in Machine Translation, Systran stands out due to its 50-plus years of expertise in the field. With around 40% of its revenue stemming from activities related to national security and intelligence, the company is a major player in the global security landscape.

In a market dominated by giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, Systran differentiates itself by offering tailor-made and secure solutions that cater to clients’ needs. The company believes that its expertise and commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions bring undeniable added value to its clients.

The Future of Machine Translation

Amidst the ongoing technological advancements, a question emerges: can the advent of “large language models” such as ChatGPT pose a threat to traditional automatic translation?

According to Vincent Godard, while these models possess translation capabilities, they can’t rival the personalized and secure solutions offered by Systran. The company’s focus is on integrating automatic translation into various user interfaces and customizing solutions to meet specific needs.

The future of Machine Ttranslation is promising, marked by continuous advancements. However, the emphasis must always remain on the invaluable role of human expertise in analysis, customization, and security.

Geographic Expansions and Outlook on National Intelligence

Systran is experiencing double-digit growth due to its geographic expansion. Beyond Europe and North America, the company has extended its reach to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. While Africa and Latin America hold promise as markets, the company is concentrating on forging partnerships to secure its global presence.

In conclusion, AI-driven Machine Translation plays a pivotal role in National Intelligence. Systran’s expertise and innovation position it at the forefront of this technological evolution, while preserving the imperative role of human expertise for accurate, secure, and personalized translation.


Catherine Tura
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