Three Benefits Translation Platforms Provide for SaaS Companies

It used to be possible for major companies to stick to English as their standard language, but with the international market continually growing and more interconnected global networks, it’s no longer optional. Translation in SaaS companies is a necessity.  

Here are three of the most common benefits of utilizing a translation platform as a SaaS company.  

1. Connect with People through Their Native Language 

While English is the language of international business, that doesn’t mean everyone prefers speaking it. People can better express themselves and feel more comfortable speaking their native language.  

When it comes to business, many people are only functionally fluent in the language of their work. For example, they may be able to negotiate a trade or talk about the technical aspects of a product in English, but small talk about their favorite music or hobbies may leave them tongue-tied. 

It’s not uncommon for language learners to feel frustrated when speaking a new language for this reason. They can understand what is going on around them, they have an idea or comment they want to share, but they don’t have the right language to say it. This can lead to misunderstandings or choosing not to speak at all, thinking silence is better than miscommunication.  

With better communication comes better business relationships and satisfied clients and customers. When you choose to translate and utilize your employees’ native language, you automatically break down barriers. There’s no longer a limit to what they know how to say. Everyone can accurately express their needs, feelings, and ideas. For them, it could feel like transitioning from a mental battle to finally putting on comfy clothes and relaxing on the couch. 

 Group of people seated around a table with laptops having a business meeting

2. Translation Enables Globalization 

English may be king in business operations, but for end-users, translation isn’t optional–it’s required. By utilizing translation, you open the door to an international market and make it possible for your final product to be used around the globe.  

Suppose you are stubborn and stick to only producing software in English, out of the international market. In that case, you can expect to reach about 7.32% of the world’s population who are native English speakers.  

However, by translating your software into only 12 languages, your potential market of native speakers who can use and understand your software drastically increases to almost two-thirds of the world’s population.  

 Someone communicating an idea during a business meeting

3. Reduce Confusion and Create Understanding

Effective and meaningful communication is centered around one thing–being understood. In your daily life, the best conversations are when you are understood. The most frustrating conversations are when one side feels like their ideas or thoughts aren’t heard or valued.  

Translation is essential in the SaaS industry because it helps facilitate understanding. It helps ensure that all communication is accurate and inclusive, whether between businesses, clients, or customers.  

Translation Is Easy with SYSTRAN 

SYSTRAN translation uses artificial intelligence powered by machine learning to provide fast, accurate translations with the most advanced machine translation software on the market. Not only does our technology set us apart, but with over 50 years of experience, SYSTRAN has the experience needed to support any company.  

Contact us today and find out how SYSTRAN can provide you with a translation platform for all of your SaaS translation needs.

Alan, Machine Translation Expert (US Market)
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