How to customize your translation model ?

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As language barriers continue to present challenges, businesses are turning to Machine Translation tools to enhance their productivity and ensure precise multilingual communication. Machine Translation works well in a generic context, but it doesn’t fully meet the expectations of professionals who are looking for a translation that is tailored to their industry and business jargon.

How to customize your translation model ? It is easy with SYSTRAN, that allows you to create translation model customization, tailored to your unique needs.

In this blog post, we will explore what Model Studio is, how it works, and the transformative benefits it offers for businesses.

What is Model Studio, and how translation model customization works?

Model Studio is a feature provided by SYSTRAN that empowers you to customize translation models according to their specific requirements.

Unlike one-size-fits-all machine translation solutions, Model Studio allows you to create personalized translation models using their own customer data, translation memories, and industry-specific terminology.

This customization enables you to achieve highly accurate and contextually relevant translations.

Creating Your Model

With Your Own Data

One of the key advantages of Model Studio is its ability to leverage your own data for model creation.

You can incorporate their proprietary language assets, such as product descriptions, marketing materials, and industry-specific terminology, into the translation model.

By doing so, the resulting translations resonate better with the brand’s tone and industry jargon, leading to a more authentic and localized user experience.

Furthermore, companies can capitalize on their existing Translation Memories (TMs) to improve translation consistency.

Model Studio allows seamless integration of TMs, enabling the translation engine to learn from past translations and apply them accurately to new content.

This feature reduces redundant translations, enhances translation speed, and ensures brand messaging remains consistent across languages.

Or From our Model Catalog

Building a robust translation model from the ground up demands a volume of data and iterations you may not have.  But with Model Studio, you don’t need to start from square one! SYSTRAN offers a streamlined solution, drawing on years of experience in translation technology and with a large team of linguists and international experts.

Utilize an existing model from our extensive catalog as a solid foundation, and tailor it effortlessly with your unique data.

Our extensive catalog includes a wide range of 50 language pairs and popular domains, such as Health, Legal, Finance, Manufacturing, News, and more. Each model is optimized to deliver context-aware translations, ensuring seamless communication across multilingual markets.

Evaluating Your Model with Automated Scoring

Once the custom translation model is created, Model Studio provides a powerful automated scoring feature to evaluate its effectiveness. The automated scoring system measures the quality of translations produced by the model against reference translations or human-generated translations.

This metric, largely recongnized, is called the BLEU score

This process helps businesses evaluate the model’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

Automated scoring is a crucial step in fine-tuning the translation model to ensure it aligns with specific business needs. By iterating and refining the model based on feedback from automated scoring, companies can achieve exceptional translation accuracy and boost overall language quality.

How Model Studio works

The model training is in 4 steps


All the models training begins with the uploading and processing of your data


The customized model is then created in matter of hours

Then you evaluate and compare your models, in order to check their relevance

Finally, you may deploy your model with your SYSTRAN Solution


By leveraging their own data, or using billions of data segments from segments, integrating Translation Memories, and evaluating their models through automated scoring, businesses can unlock enhanced translation quality, time and cost efficiency, consistent branding, and industry-specific adaptation. 

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