The ROI of Machine Translation


Let’s decrypt the ROI of machine translation in a dedicated study.

Optimizing management, increasing production, reducing associated costs…Translation is indeed a major challenge for multinational companies : the average budget allocated to it represents between 0.25 and 2.5 percent of an organization’s annual revenue.

What is the ROI of machine translation?

ROI (Return on Investment) is a key element in measuring the effectiveness and relevance of an automation solution such as machine translation. In other words, it is a question of determining whether investment in this technology brings added value to the business and notably reduces costs, increases productivity and sales…

In the case of machine translation, the ROI can measure itself in different ways:

  • Reducing translation costs;
  • decrease in production lead times;
  • Increased productivity of the translation team;
  • Optimizing workstations

And you produce more multilingual content without compromising on quality or timelines.

+ 25% multilingual content produced with the same team, while maintaining timeliness and quality thanks to the integration of automatic translation” – European leader in sports equipment

ROI Study: A panorama of our users’ feedback

Machine translation has become an essential solution for addressing the major challenges facing international companies as well as translation agencies or localization departments.

  • Translation volumes are increased and costs reduced

Up to €110,000 in savings from using machine translation over 4 years” – ProALPHA


  • The quality of translation is not sacrificed for the sake of cost reduction.
  • Translated data security is ensured in sensitive (or non-sensitive) sectors such as finance and healthcare.
  • Translated data is stored and transmitted efficiently by enterprises, thanks to encryption and virtual private networks.
  • The optimization of workflows, often long and complex, and the reduction of time-to-market of enterprises are possible and facilitated.
  • Translators’ missions are valued: with machine translation, they can focus on more complex tasks such as revising and adapting translations.

This enables companies to produce more multilingual content in record time.

A gain of 10 to 15 BLEU score quality points thanks to the translation engine drive – Lexcelera

To take full advantage of machine translation, companies must implement effective deployment strategies and ensure that their teams are properly trained in the use of this technology. Want to know more about the ROI of machine translation? To know the feedback of our users?

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Catherine Tura
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