CROWDIN is a localization software that helps organizations streamline and automate localization processes.

It allows to reach new markets and build better relationships with customers by speaking the same language as they do. With 500+ apps & integrations from Crowdin Marketplace, including GitHub, Android Studio, Contentful, Google Docs, Figma, and Mailchimp, companies can be multilingual easily and quickly.

With CROWDIN, clients can translate their product UI, website, mobile apps, marketing communications, emails, help docs, and other customer-facing content.
Clients may choose their own translation strategy, which includes translation vendors, MT engines, proofreading or post-editing process, and other details of the localization workflow that can be configured on a project basis.

A wide range of features will not only automate source and translation content updates but will also help ensure the translation quality and consistency with features like Translation Memory, Glossary, QA checks, Context, OTA content delivery, and more.
There’s also a separate edition – Crowdin Enterprise for large organizations, that offers enterprise-level security and higher customization via workflows, where each step can be separately configured and allows multiple teams to cooperate on localization.

Why a CROWDIN x SYSTRAN partnership ? How will the SYSTRAN connector help CROWDIN clients ?

CROWDIN has been receiving requests from their customers to implement this integration.

CROWDIN has a marketplace where customers can install apps & integrations for their accounts, thus expanding what they can do in CROWDIN.

Some apps are created by customers who need some niche features and have the capacity to build their own app – it’s simple, really, there’s detailed documentation for building apps.
In cases where we receive similar requests from different customers, we can develop the app on our own.

SYSTRAN app was the second case, as we saw that the need for it is growing among our customers and people evaluating the platform.

How is the partnership working ?

People can use SYSTRAN+ CROWDIN integration to add SYSTRAN MT to their localization workflow and automate the sync of source texts and translations between CROWDIN and the tool where their content leaves (repository, CMS, Customer Engagement Platform, email marketing, and more).

Teams can also cooperate on translations online, have discussions and check translation quality.

SYSTRAN integrates both with CROWDIN and CROWDIN Enterprise. To integrate SYSTRAN, clients should install the SYSTRAN app from Crowdin Marketplace into CROWDIN or CROWDIN Enterprise account.
Once the app is installed, clients set it up in CROWDIN by following the prompts in the UI. After that, clients will have SYSTRAN connected as a custom MT engine.  Clients can also run pre-translation using SYSTRAN.

This process will add translations to the selected content. Clients can sync these translations back to their system right away or do post-editing first and then sync content back to the tool where they use it.

Also, SYSTRAN translations appear as suggestions that will be displayed for translators, and they can decide whether to use them without changes or alter before saving.


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