SYSTRAN @ WMT 2021: Terminology Task [PDF]

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SYSTRAN @ WMT 2021: Terminology Task [PDF]


This paper describes SYSTRAN submissions to the WMT 2021 terminology shared task. We participate in the English-to-French translation direction with a standard Transformer neural machine translation network that we enhance with the ability to dynamically include terminology constraints, a very common industrial practice. Two state-of-the-art terminology insertion methods are evaluated based (i) on the use of placeholders complemented with morphosyntactic annotation and (ii) on the use of target constraints injected in the source stream. Results show the suitability of the presented approaches in the evaluated scenario where terminology is used in a system trained on generic data only

MinhQuang Pham, Antoine Senellart, Dan Berrebbi, Josep Crego, Jean Senellart


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Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Machine Translation (WMT), Online, November 10-11, 2021

Alan, Machine Translation Expert (US Market)
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