SYSTRAN becomes SYSTRAN x ChapsVision

ChapsVision, the French leader in sovereign data processing, announced in january 2024 the acquisition of SYSTRAN, a global pioneer in machine translation technologies, providing advanced and secure solutions for both businesses and public organizations.

SYSTRAN x ChapsVision will enrich the entire offering of ChapsVision, an innovative software suite centered around its massive and heterogeneous data operating system, Argonos.

The two companies already share projects and state clients convinced by their common commitment to the defense of the sovereign processing of European data.

SYSTRAN’s strong international presence (70% of its revenues come from abroad, with subsidiaries in the United States, South Korea and Japan) marks a first step in the international expansion of the ChapsVision Group.

We are delighted to welcome SYSTRAN to the ChapsVision Group,” says Olivier Dellenbach, CEO.

“This strategic acquisition strengthens our position as a leader in data processing and allows us to enrich our portfolio of solutions with innovative machine and instant translation capabilities to better serve the needs of businesses and governments. We are also very proud, through this operation, to bring back under French flag this technological nugget hitherto owned by Korean funds.”

Joining the ChapsVision Group to help drive its strong growth represents a tremendous opportunity for SYSTRAN. We are pleased to offer all ChapsVision customers our sovereign custom machine translation solution to help them meet the challenges of international communication.” adds Vincent Godard, CEO of SYSTRAN.

This first acquisition in 2024 for the ChapsVision Group confirms its commitment to continuous and targeted growth.

About ChapsVision

As a specialist in sovereign data processing, ChapsVision enables companies and administrations to successfully complete their digital transformation and create value through a software suite centered around its massive and heterogeneous data operating system. Through extensive R&D investments in big data processing, complemented by a sustained strategy of targeted acquisitions and international development, ChapsVision quickly assembled a cohesive group of two branches targeting data-intensive sectors: one dedicated to customer engagement with companies and the other offering sovereign solutions dedicated to cyber intelligence and cyber security in the defense, intelligence, and security markets. Created in 2019, ChapsVision has nearly 700 employees, 600 major accounts clients, and aims for an income of more than €200 million in 2024.

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