The case of Lexelera / T’Works

Machine and human translation, a winning duo for multi-localized digitilization

Lexcelera is a language service provider who recently join t’Works. They were looking for a MT solution to improve the MT output and to train their own translation models in order to master the terminologies of their clients.

«We have done a benchmark last year with a German tool. We have run two pilots project to compare the outputs in German and French to compare which tool was the best to keep within the organization. SYSTRAN won for both languages.»

Laurence Roguet – Managing Director at Lexcelera

The challenge

Lexcelera need to master technical translation of specific business domains for their clients. Moreover, with the transformation of the language industry (with digitalization and AI). Their skills evolved towards data preparation to train Machine Translation and post-edition.

So, they needed a MT solution to improve the output and train their own models and answer in a quick and effective manner to the needs of multiple large corporation customers.


  • Consistent quality translation
  • Enables to be autonomous in training models
  • Perform faster and without a huge amount of data
  • Improvement of the training’s quality
  • Ability to add user and normalization dictionaries


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Aurore - Communication Specialist
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