The case of Lombard Odier

Being global without compromising client data privacy

The major gain to date is to have secured the translation process globally and to have significantly reduced the risk of confidential data leaks. »

Laurent Rochat – VP and Head of Applications, Lombard Odier

The challenge

Lombard Odier’s communications department was seeking professional translation tools in order to:

  • improve communication in the different languages used throughout the company;
  • translate confidential content securely.

To avoid the use of online translation solutions that are not compliant with the company’s security rules, the IT department launched a comprehensive project to cover all the translation needs and sought a professional and secure solution.


  • Productivity gains
  • Integration into internal applications
  • Secured translation
  • Cut translation costs
  • Reduce Risk of data leaks
  • Multilingual communication improved

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Aurore - Communication Specialist
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