Webinar Replay – Discover SYSTRAN Translate Suite Generation 10! New Design, Advanced Customization & Adaptation features, Higher Performance

webinar V10

In this webinar Elise Bertin-Lemée, AI & Machine Learning Product Manager and Guillaume Bretin, Group Product Manager at SYSTRAN give you a preview of the new generation of SYSTRAN Translate product line. Our comprehensive software suite can address the full spectrum of professional machine translation requirements. Whether catering to the needs of an individual or undertaking ambitious projects for large-scale enterprises with thousands of users, this suite is designed to seamlessly accommodate even the most stringent deployment and security constraints.

You will discover this 10th generation, which brings a new design, more tools and deployment options, and enables to translate more formats and content sources.

You will also learn about the latest advances and capabilities of our large translation models, the state of the art of what AI enables in natural language processing when trained with unparalleled expertise in language data processing and translation model specialization techniques.

Watch our webinar!


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