SYSTRAN x OVHcloud: book your seat at Open Trusted Cloud Day!

On october 12th, SYSTRAN will participate in the second edition of the Open Trusted Cloud Day, organized by OVH, which brings together many digital players. What is it? Why? For whom?

What are some of the key issues at stake in this upcoming event ?

Increased digitalization means that the digital players need alternative software solutions and GDPR-compliant Cloud Hosting.

This is what the Open Trusted Cloud program is all about: 

Cobuilding a common platform and an ecosystem of solutions that comply with european laws and values, and hosted in an open and reliable cloud.

The second edition of the Open Trusted Cloud Day event brings together many software publishers, and SaaS and PaaS solutions providers and aims to demonstrate the strenght of a common platform, and the performance of a co-buildt model.

What are the objectives of this event?

The objective of the event is to create an Open Trusted Cloud Label in order to reassure Cloud ans SaaS solutions users about the respect of data sovereignty standards.

This label includes the provision of an Open Trusted Cloud communication kit, the establishment of a service catalog to ensure the clear use and security of OVH servers and the promotion of the solution to European public Stakeholders.

Who are the guests?

The Open Trusted Cloud event brings together more than 200 French software vendors, SaaS and PaaS providers, Government representatives and consulting company (including Capgemini).

Who is OVH ?

OVHcloud is a global player and Europe’s leading cloud service provider, operating more than 400 000 servers in its 33 data centers on 4 continents. It offers a secure, compliant and sustainable cloud environment, by providing high-performance, cost-effective services for managing, protecting and scaling up the data .

It is this unique approach that enables OVHcloud to cover all the use of its 1.5 millions customers in more than 130 countries.

As a pure french player, OVHcloud is committed to the European digital ecosystem and thus, offers an excellent level of security and data sovereignty to its customers. OVHcloud became a partner for SYSTRAN, not only a provider. It is with OVHcloud that SYSTRAN was able to develop its machine translation service and also develop the SYSTRAN Marketplace offering 40 languages and 400 translation models.

As a privileged and historical partner, SYSTRAN is participating to this event, on october 12th.

The goal ? To communicate about data sovereignty, while offering service cloud solutions (e.g for translations).

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Aurore - Communication Specialist
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