Translating Sensitive Data in a Regulated Context

With digital access available to everyone, secure sensitive data translations is at the heart of business challenges. Even more so in the face of the many regulations that govern their use! But how do we guarantee compliance? What are the solutions for secure translation?

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What are the solutions for secure translation?

The use of sensitive data is supervised and subject to strict regulations.

And, under the GDPR, the European Union strictly prohibits its processing, unless:
– the person concerned has given his consent,
– this information is made public,
– the use of the data in question is authorized by the CNIL.
Exceptions to the processing of sensitive data are not limited to these three cases… For a comprehensive view, see the full GDPR

What are the challenges of translating your sensitive data?

The risks associated with data translation

It is difficult to secure the translation of data when the risks associated with it are underestimated or even ignored by professionals.

Shadow IT. This unsuspected risk of data translation comes from inside a company. It is a practice that consists of using unsecured software without the agreement of the DSI. The risks: cyberattacks, cybercrime, leak / theft / loss of data, non-compliance with the GDPR, etc.

Cybercrime. It is a criminal activity carried out on a computer or any other device connected to a computer network. The translated data can thus be stolen by cybercriminals and misused: identity theft, extortion of money, sale of private data, etc.

Data leakage. The use of free online translation software is not always reliable and can sometimes lead to the recovery and subsequent use of sensitive data by third parties.

Solutions to secure your data translation

If the translation of sensitive data is difficult, regulated or even risky, it is sometimes useful:

  • communication between international branches within a group;
  • translation of client documents;
  • international after-sales solutions with automatic translation into the operator’s language.

To better manage your sensitive data, you must therefore treat it differently and secure it in accordance with the regulations in force.

Several solutions are possible: machine translation, Cloud, On-premises solutions… It’s up to you to find the one best suited to your needs.

Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive and personal data and maintaining company compliance with the GDPR is at the heart of business challenges. There are various options available to you for this.

Regulations, risks, solutions… Discover all the issues and solutions relative to secure translation explained by our experts in our E-Book.

Benjamin - Data Security Specialist
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