Infographic: The experts behind Machine Translation

Moving from a source language to a target language without human intervention is machine translation. But the machine works on its own because humans design, train, and program it. Discover the experts behind Machine Translation

Machine translation:When and Why?

The humans behind the machine translation work with the same goals in mind: to improve the accuracy, speed and relevance of translation.

The machine configuration is necessary when a new language is added, and the machine needs to be trained with “how to work” examples.

The machine needs also to be configured when creating a specialized machine translation model :

  • for a company with its own glossary,
  • for a specific sector,
  • for any specific language requirements (e.g. a new company’s BU, a new product, etc.).

The machine translation experts, and how they work as a team

The Computational Linguist

He / She works on the reliability and the accuracy of the translation, and he/she is specialized in several languages with the same root.

The R&D Engineer

He/she works closely with the Language Department, and works on algorythms and AI in order to regularly improve the Machine Translation.

The Software Engineer

The software engineer will take care of the Machine Translation Architecture and its features, often related to customer experience.

The Labs

The Research Laboratory conducts R&D work.

This organization is unique to SYSTRAN, the Labs has a privileged partnership with some universities.

It is the coordination and interdependence of the MachineTranslation professions that makes the strength of SYSTRAN. The Machine Translation engine can be trained to have a generic or highly specialized level, depending on the needs of users and/or their business.

Aurore - Communication Specialist
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