What did we learn at SYSTRAN Community Day’23?

SYSTRAN Community Day

On October 5, 2023, we celebrated the 3rd edition of SYSTRAN Community Day held at the Cloud Business Center in Paris. During this event, we gathered our customers and partners to introduce them to the new version of our enterprise translation solution: SYSTRAN translate server v10.

This event was a unique opportunity to celebrate this milestone in SYSTRAN’s history.

Listening to our Clients

During this day, guests from all over the world shared their return on experience on machine translation. A dozen use cases were presented by talented and committed speakers, with various challenges addressed.

RATP, ING, AstraZeneca, Stadler, EPLAN… Customers from various industries have shared their experience in optimizing their translation processes with SYSTRAN technology.

Real-time translation in public transportation, highly secure translation of confidential documents, translation model customization to improve translation quality… It was a day full of ideas, testimonials and networking. We enjoyed this opportunity to take a step back from day-to-day business to get inspired by powerful stories.

“AI is everywhere”

Our CEO, Vincent Godard, underlined that AI was omnipresent in our lives. And, came our Keynote Speech! Stéphane Mallard, author of Disruption: Intelligence Artificielle, Fin du Salariat, Humanité Augmentée confronted us with a projection of our future full of algorithms, with animated reactions from the audience!

Throughout this day, we also observed that all our customers see the value of AI as a game-changer, leveraging all its capabilities to grow their business.

Launch of SYSTRAN translate server v10

New customer experience, translation model customization for outstanding translation quality, Speech-to-Text…

SYSTRAN translate Server v10 brings many enhancements, including a revamped user-friendly interface, increased security standards, and translation quality that is reaching new heights! Translation quality remains our top priority with the introduction of SYSTRAN Model Studio and our latest innovation: Neural Fuzzy Adaptation (NFA), which adapts the result of machine translation to better match translation memories when available.

New features in the v10 include:

  • The ability to easily adapt to the formality or local languages
  • Newly supported file formats including IDML and SRT, new languages and new business domains
  • Audio and video file translation

To learn more about SYSTRAN translate v10, visit our website.

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